As part of the Covid-safey protocols required by the County of Los Angeles, we are required to have reserved seating in the auditorium.  This will ensure that we don't exceed allowed capacities, and also provide individuals and parties with the required spacing between groups for social distancing. While reserved seating has been around for a while, Laemmle regulars know that we have avoided adding this feature.  We offer this guide to help you with the process.


First off, you do not NEED to buy your tickets in advance.  You can go to the theatre as per usual, and just select your tickets (and reserved seats) when you arrive.  However, because of capacity limitations, we do encourage you to buy your tickets in advance.  This will reduce contact at the theatre.  And you now have the added "benefit" of being able to select your seats in advance as well. 

For those of you who are ready to step boldly into this not-so-new world, here it goes.


1) Finding your showtime

  • go to
  • find the movie you want to see
  • click on the red "Get Tickets" button
  • select a date, preferred location and showtime. 
  • make sure to click on the blue showtime.

2) Pick your seat

  • You will then be prompted to choose your desired seats. 
  • Please keep the following in mind when choosing your seats:
  • The movie screen appears at the top of the page. The bottom represents the back of the theater.
  • Tickets for all members of your group must be purchased in one single transaction. The system automatically blocks out adjacent seats to spacing between parties.
  • If you purchase additional tickets for members of your group with subsequent transactions, you will not be able to sit together. For example, if your group consists of two couples, tickets for both couples must be purchased in the same transaction if you wish to sit together. 


Once you select your seats (they appear highlighted on the screen) scroll down and click “Continue”.

Next, select your ticket type by clicking on the drop down menu for each ticket. Once you have made your selection, click “Continue”.

You will now be prompted to review and confirm your order.

If anything in your order is incorrect, press the “Back” button to return to the previous page to make corrections as necessary.

If everything is correct, scroll down to select a type of payment. Your options are Credit Card, Premiere Card or Gift Card.

When entering your payment details, please note that it is not necessary to include dashes or spaces, regardless of card type.

Next, enter and confirm your email address. You must check the “Terms” box in order to continue with your purchase.

The “Purchase Tickets” button will display the dollar amount for your order.

Once you have clicked this button, you will have 30 seconds to once again confirm the details of your order.

If all seems correct click “YES”.

If the system times out before you can confirm your order, simply check the “Terms” box again, and then once again click the “Purchase Tickets” button.

You have now completed your purchase and will receive an email confirmation of your ticket order to the email provided. Make sure to check your spam folder in case the email is automatically filed as spam.

For quickest service at the theater

You will still have to queue up outside to enter the lobby.  Wait to be invited into the lobby where you will check in at the box office or concession stand.

You can print your tickets from the receipt page or by clicking the link from your confirmation email. Bring the printed tickets to the door prior to showtime.

If you don't print your tickets:

Go to the box office, present your photo ID and credit card or Premiere Card used to make your purchase.

You can also pull up your tickets by opening the confirmation email on your smartphone and present that as proof of purchase.