Visit and find your film by browsing film lists or using the search on the top right. If you are on our main website,, find your film, and click on the "watch now" button.

Once you have found your film on or, you will see the pricing image below: 

If you are paying with a Laemmle Premiere Membership Card (which gives you reduced pricing!) select the blue "Premiere Card Price" to receive the discounted price.

If you are paying with a credit card or a regular Laemmle Gift Card, select the green "General Admission price". (Pricing may vary).

After selecting your price, you will be prompted to Login or Register , unless you are already logged in. Once on the payment page, enter your payment details and submit your rental purchase. 

You will receive an email confirmation and your rental will be ready to watch immediately on your device of choice, you can watch on a computer, a mobile device, or on your TV (see how!)

Rented films are watchable for 72 hours from the time of purchase. With pre-sales, you will receive an email reminder when your watch period begins.