Unfortunately, we had to sell the Playhouse 7 theatre property during the 13 month closure forced upon us by the pandemic.  

Contrary to the information contained in the recent Pasadena Now story, we do in fact have a leaseback in place.  In fact, we have been operating under this leaseback since we reopened in April. We will continue to operate under that arrangement for several more months, and we are in discussions with the property owner and extending the leaseback until they are ready to move ahead with the proposed renovation which was recently approved by the City of Pasadena Architectural Review panel.

The Playhouse is currently open. We anticipate being open well into 2022. We hope you continue to purchase and enjoy our Gift Cards and Premiere Cards. Premiere Card members receive significant discounts on box office tickets and concessions at all eight Laemmle locations and can also be used at-home on our Laemmle Virtual Cinema platform at watch.laemmle.com

We have always been transparent with staff and patrons when our locations are close to being closed.  And we will do our best to maintain that policy and provide clear and direct dates about any changes in operation well in advance of any change of status. But look to us for that information.  

We understand that this is not happy news. We have been operating in Pasadena since the 1964 opening of the Esquire Theatre, and are not happy at the prospect of not having a location in the San Gabriel Valley. Rest assured that even as we are negotiating to extend as long as possible at the Playhouse, we are also working to identify possible replacement locations so that we can continue to offer the best in independent and foreign cinema to the amazing moviegoers of Pasadena and the surrounding communities.

Thank you for your understanding. 

The Laemmle Family