Per recent news reports, we are sad to confirm that Laemmle Theatres will be ceasing operation at the Playhouse 7 at the end of June. This brings to an end 23 years of bringing the best in foreign and independent films to Pasadena moviegoers at this location, and ends (for now) our presence in the city where we have been operating since 1964. While this is sad news, we are genuinely happy that the Playhouse will continue to be a movie theatre, and congratulate all of you on your lobbying efforts to keep the property owner from converting the space to a retail use.  We will be fully operating the theatre at least until Sunday, June 26, and will be partially open through June 29. After that, remember that we are less than 10 miles away at our Laemmle Glendale, so you can continue to have access to our unique programs like Culture Vulture, Laemmle's Anniversary Classics and more (  Thank you all for your love and support! Laemmle Theatres