Step 1) Go to and purchase a Series Discount Card for $168 with your credit card.

Step 2) You will receive an email with a 16 digit number <THIS IS YOUR DISCOUNT CARD NUMBER> that you can use to purchase discounted tickets for the Reel Talk Series.

Step 3) After receiving your discount card number, go to and select your film, showtime, and select the $20 ticket type named “SERIES CARD DISCOUNT”

Step 4) On the payment page, select the payment option “REEL TALK Discount Card”

Step 5) Enter the discount card number in the “card number” field

  • PHYSICAL CARD: Optional: Customers can exchange the virtual card number from their email for a physical card at the theatre.


  • The Discount Card has a value of 8 discounted Reel Talk Series tickets. 

  • Customers must purchase a new discount card once their balance is depleted.